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We all deserve to be living up to our full potential. And every one of your dreams is possible—we just need to unlock them. Just imagine what you could and would do if you were fearless, bold, brave, and woke up daily excited for where your life was taking you…

Value, insight, empowerment, and joy are my favorite gifts to provide audiences all over the country. We all deserve to be lifted up through the motivation of words, stories, and real-life strategies. As a speaker and trainer, I have delivered over 50 engagements, from the TEDx stage to intimate gatherings around the country, all aimed at sparking transformation of your mindset and motivating you to become the best version of yourself.

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Together, we can achieve your personal and professional goals, enhance your life, and inspire others to do the same. We all deserve to THRIVE in our lives. We all deserve to transform ourselves, and the legacy for others. We all deserve to be living in a high vibing environment. I am personally committed to helping YOU unlock your fullest potential to create the life you have always dreamed of without regrets. Let’s get after it!

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Learning from Life’s Toughest Lessons: Trauma and Leadership

Erika Rothenberger’s journey has never been about shying away from the difficult moments of life. Instead, she has found that these moments of adversity often provide the most significant opportunities for personal growth and leadership development. In her latest article, “What Trauma Taught Me About Leadership,” Erika delves into the profound lessons she has learned from some of life’s most challenging experiences.

Her resilience and ability to convert adversities into lessons are testaments to her remarkable leadership qualities. Throughout her journey, she has discovered that trauma can serve as a powerful teacher, instilling in us the wisdom and strength necessary to lead with compassion, integrity, and courage.

In this intimate and enlightening piece, Erika not only shares her personal journey with trauma but also reflects on how these experiences have shaped her leadership style and philosophy. Whether you are an aspiring leader seeking guidance or someone navigating through your own personal traumas, Erika’s insightful narrative will provide you with a unique perspective on embracing life’s trials and using them as catalysts for transformative growth and impactful leadership.

Click below to read the full article. Dive into Erika’s empowering narrative and discover what trauma can teach us about the art of authentic and effective leadership.